Commercial Ship Management

Signal Maritime is a commercial ship management company with a twist. A spin-off from Thenamaris Ships Management, who has been setting industry standards for nearly 40 years, we bring together shipping best practice with internet-age advanced analytics and management methods. The company is focused on producing responsive, high-performance, and sustainable commercial management for a growing, modern fleet. Safety, Quality and Technical Management, including crewing, is outsourced to Thenamaris Ships Management.
Ionic Artemis
Ionic Aspis
Signal Alpha
Signal Cheetah
Signal Maya
Signal Puma
Name Type Built Flag IMO No. Class DWT(mt) LOA/BEAM(m) Draft(m) Technical Management
Ionic Artemis AFRAMAX Sep 2009, Japan M.I 9426441 NK 107,605 244 / 42 14.58 Ionic Shipping (Mgt) Inc.
Ionic Aspis AFRAMAX Apr 2011, Japan M.I. 9523287 NK 107,508 244 / 42 14.58 Ionic Shipping (Mgt) Inc.
Philotimos AFRAMAX Jun 2018, Korea Malta 9793997 TBA 113,364 250 / 44 15.12 Enesel S.A.
Seadelta AFRAMAX Jan 2009, China Malta 9386536 ABS 113,021 250 / 44 14.80 Thenamaris
Signal Alpha AFRAMAX Oct 2011, Korea Malta 9412036 RINA 116,337 250 / 44 15.02 Thenamaris
Signal Cheetah AFRAMAX May 2009, China Malta 9436006 RINA 113,021 250 / 44 14.80 Thenamaris
Signal Maya AFRAMAX Jul 2017, Korea Malta 9436006 RINA 113,644 250 / 44 14.80 Thenamaris
Signal Puma AFRAMAX Apr 2005, China Malta 9293002 ABS 105,034 244 / 42 14.88 Thenamaris
Seamuse MR2 Mar 2007, Japan Malta 9382700 NK 48,673 180 / 32 12.62 Thenamaris
Seawind DRY PANAMAX May 2006, Japan Malta 9303144 NK 75,637 225 / 32 13.99 V.Ships
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Leveraging The Signal Ocean Platform, we will be establishing a new Aframax pool, starting from September 2018. The pool will aim to overcome limitations of the traditional pooling model by providing great flexibility while offering strong commercial performance, enhanced transparency and fairly distributed returns for all participants.


Our leadership team comprises the former joint CEO of Thenamaris, the former Chartering Manager, three other senior ex-Thenamaris executives and an experienced banker, boasting a total collective experience of more than fifty years in ship management at the highest level. The leadership is supported by a world-class mix of strategists, energy market analysts, data scientists, and developers.

The Signal Maritime executive committee has an impressive track record:

years of collective ship management experience
charter parties negotiated, agreed and executed
top-tier clients
distinct data points gathered and analyzed every day
KPIs tried and tested to manage performance
Join the Signal Maritime Team

Our company combines the energy, drive and excitement of a start-up with the momentum and resources of a seasoned industry player. Our aim is to create those elusive conditions that engage deep industry specialists, scientists and generalists in a high-performance, cohesive team.


If you are interested in joining our company, please review the available openings on our live job board then apply for any positions you are interested in. Follow our company profile on LinkedIn for the latest updates.


Signal Maritime outsources Technical Management and, therefore, does not presently offer job opportunities on board.

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