Introducing Signal’s
Smart Aframax Pool

Signal’s Aframax pooling platform offers superior TCE performance, dynamic and fair earnings distribution, along with maximum flexibility to enter and exit.

The pool is managed by experienced shipping professionals with an outstanding track record. We leverage our proprietary technology to consistently deliver exceptional profitability.
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We deliver superior earnings
by leveraging our technology and experience
We have a powerful team in place
  • We bring more than 100 years of combined chartering and pooling experience
  • Senior management team has been working together to deliver exceptional performance for more than a decade
  • Headquartered in London and Athens, two global shipping hubs
We combine a strong track record in shipping and technology
  • Longstanding relationships with top-tier charterers
  • Unique combination of market expertise and advanced, proprietary technology
  • Our strong analytical capabilities mean we consistently identify the right time to act with spotting opportunities others miss
Industry-leading Commercial Performance
Vessels managed by Signal consistently outperform the competition.
We go beyond the traditional static pool points table and use a dynamic, global, data-driven benchmark to measure our performance and distribute earnings fairly.

Figures are shown as of October 3, 2019
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Why choose us?
Superior TCE performance
Since 2016 Signal has consistently outperformed the average spot vessel TCE by at least $2,000 per day
Transparent earnings distribution
Earning distributions are driven by vessels’ true trading capabilities, using actual voyages including benchmark voyage costs
Sophisticated Position Value Adjustment
Our technology translates real-time, global market conditions into position values, enabling flexible entry and exit
Fair Earnings Distribution
Our proprietary technology enables us to produce real-time estimations of the TCE’s of all Aframaxes in the water as of the moment a voyage is completed.
This means we can quickly and accurately compare our Pool performance against the competition.
Total Pool Revenues
Remaining pool revenues after premium allocation
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Benchmark voyage expenses
Remaining pool revenues after voyage expenses allocation
Remaining pool revenues distribution
Trade Overperformance
All overperformance elements, including premiums for access to restricted ports and areas, are accurately calculated and fairly distributed
Benchmark Vessels
By calculating voyage expenses on the basis of a benchmark vessel, we ensure that vessels with superior operational efficiency benefit accordingly
Optimized Bunker Consumption
Expert Voyage Execution
Optimizing tank management, exploiting technical efficiencies whilst meeting vessel requirements
Smart Route Planning
Smart route planning allows us to minimize bunker fuel costs and reduce costs
Strategic Buying Practices
Managing risks associated with suppliers, delays, and quality to deliver an IMO 2020 compliant strategy
Advanced, Proprietary Technology:
The Signal Ocean Platform
Signal Pools management outperforms its peers by combining insights from its proprietary technology, The Signal Ocean Platform, with decades of chartering experience. The Platform delivers invaluable insights about vessel supply and global market dynamics, enabling us to identify opportunities others miss.
Transparent Reporting
We are passionate about transparency. Pool partners have free, 24/7 access to The Signal Ocean Platform's Pool Portal and to The Signal Pools Extranet. Partners can view and download Reports on Performance, Distribution, Reconciliation, instantly.